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Tens of thousands killed in powerful earthquake in Turkey & Syria and hundreds of thousands have been injured.

A 7.8 magnitude quake struck in the early hours of the 6th of February while people were asleep, and dozens of aftershocks have been felt since. Rescue teams are racing to save people trapped beneath the rubble after hundreds of buildings collapsed in both countries.

Millions of people across Turkey, Syria, Lebanon & Cyprus felt the earthquake - its epicentre was near the Turkish city of Gaziantep. On the Syrian side of the border, the quake smashed areas that are packed with some 4 million people who have been displaced by the country’s long civil war. Many of them live in decrepit conditions with little health care. The hospitals in the area were quickly filled with the injured. The weather is also hindering progress, with heavy snow and rain leaving the already vulnerable at further risk.

Al Mustafa USA is on the ground, working in Turkey & with Syrian refugees. As desperate recovery efforts continue, we need your support to deliver urgent emergency aid to those affected by the earthquake.

Donate now to help the people of Turkey & Syria.

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